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What to do in Rainy Day?
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  • 24 มิถุนายน 2018
  • การท่องเที่ยว , อาหาร/เครื่องดื่ม , ฤดูกาล

Actually, a rainy day can be difficult. However, there are still some advantages in a rainy season. Particularly, the prices of seats on the plane and accommodations are cheaper than the high season, and the atmosphere is fresh and romantic. When you look at the list of indoor places to visit in Chiang Rai, the rain will not be a trouble anymore. Thus, let’s go!

There are many interesting places in Chiang Rai. For example, a museum is one of the special places to visit in a rainy day. Let's get started at the ""U-Kham Museum"" on Nahkhai Road. The museum displays rare ancient artifacts. Here, you will see the ancient and woven clothing used in the royal court of Lanna, costume jewelry, the royal throne of the Lanna King, Chiang Saen Buddha statue, silverware, etc. The ages of ancient stuff are more than one-hundred years, and these ancient objects require great care. The owners of this museum use their own money to run the museum and to procure every stuff by themselves. The museum fee that you pay will also contribute to the museum conservation.
The next place to visit is the "Hill Tribe Museum and Education Center"" on Thanalai Road. This place is famous for showing the lifestyle of various hill tribes such as Akha, Moser, Yao, Lisu, Karen, and Hmong. There are demonstrations of how they live, their daily equipment, costumes, and occupations such as batik weavers, etc. The presentation of the lifestyle of each hill tribe not only makes you excited but you can also get the information of them without going to the hill tribe villages on the mountains. Before you leave, do not forget to visit the souvenir shop to buy the handicrafts made by the hill tribes themselves.
The rain is still falling with a proper humidity, and the air is fresh. Next, you will go to a place where the artists will definitely like it. Let's go to the "Art Bridge Gallery" which is opposite to Makro Department Store. This is a gallery showing the exhibitions from both Thai and foreign artists. Paintings, sculptures, and crafts are shown inside this gallery. The art show is divided into many zones, allowing visitors to walk around comfortably. In addition to the exhibition room, there is a bookcase that stores lots of books which can be picked to read easily. Finally, do not forget to visit the souvenir shop to buy the art works so as to help support the artists.
It is now afternoon and it is still raining. You are getting hungry, so you may have lunch at "Polar Boulangerie and Patisserie", a lovely café hidden in a mysterious location of Chiang Rai. You should try the best seller menu items here: Chu Cream and Chocolate Truffle Cake. In a rainy day like this, sipping a hot latte and looking at the raindrops outside the window make this trip very warm and romantic.

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