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Signature Fabrics of Chiang Rai
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  • 4 กุมภาพันธ์ 2018
  • ของฝาก , วัฒนธรรม

Recently, Thai fabrics have been popular again; both young and middle-aged women wear them. This trend makes Thai fabrics become hot items now. Seeing that Chiang Rai is the home of many local tribes, it is the source of production of beautiful fabrics which are unique and different from other provinces. For who is a fan of Thai fabrics, here are some places to go for your next trip in Chiang Rai.
Tai Lue Fabrics of Baan Hat Bai
The fabrics in various colors which you are seeing right now are beautiful and eye-catching. You will be more surprised when you know that they are woven by skillful elders while their children go to work in the city. Besides the traditional candy-colored geometric patterns which are sold very well, at present the Tai Lue textiles of Baan Hat Bai have also been developed to have a variety of features: weaving in various patterns of animals and increasing an efficiency of the fabric which can be washed with a washing machine. There are two groups of Tai Lue textile communities at Baan Hat Bai, namely, Sukawadee and Ban Hat Bai Villagers, both of which offers fabrics which can be used to mix and match as you wish.
Where> Baan Hat Bai is located in Chiang Khong District which about 92 kilometers from Chiang Rai.
Tai Lue Fabrics of Baan Sri Don Chai
In addition to Baan Hat Bai, another place that produces Tai Lue Fabrics is Baan Sri Don Chai. The uniqueness of Tai Lue textiles here is a blend of cotton and silk and its patterns, particularly the water flow pattern and the modern patterns like zigzag and geometric patterns. Another highlight that you may notice in the Tai Lue clothes of Baan Sri Don Chai is that some abstract patterns are available, such as a pattern of snakes floating in the water and a pattern of flowers (Baan Sri Don Chai style). Most of the color tones are in the classic style. After shopping, do not forget to visit the "Lue Lai Kam Museum” that displays old and rare clothes which look amazing.
Where> Baan Sri Don Chai is located in Chiang Khong District which is about 100 kilometers from Chiang Rai.
Kong Luang Shop
For those who have little time and cannot travel to Chiang Khong District, Kong Luang Shop is a good answer. It is located in the heart of Mueang, Chiang Rai and has a variety of fabrics and clothes selected from many sources in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and neighboring provinces. Thus, Kong Luang Shop offers various top beautiful Thai clothes for customers to shop, including Tai Lue fabrics, silk mantles, sarongs, ikat fabrics, sinhs, as well as hand embroidery clothes which are designed by the shop itself.
Where> The shop is located on Bhanprhaprakarn Road, Mueang Chiang Rai District. It is open every day.

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