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Royal Initiative Project Tour
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  • 8 กุมภาพันธ์ 2018
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Chiang Rai is also a province where numerous Royal Development Projects are situated since its climate is suitable for the development of growing plants, making Thai people have good vegetables and fruits to consume. Apart from the source of agricultural development, several Royal Development Projects are located in beautiful natural areas which are also good for sightseeing. Thus, pack your luggage and be ready to explore the Royal Development Projects.
Pha Tang Royal Development Project is located 1,800 meters above sea level which can make you feel hungry when you arrive. This is a good place to grow plants like peaches, persimmons, Cape Gooseberries, purple cauliflowers, broccoli and green peas. Pha Tang is well-known for its views of mountains and a sea fog over the Thai-Laos border. Also, In February, the Chinese New Year traditions of Yao and Yunnan are celebrated. Besides its amazing nature, it is also famous for its beautiful pink Wild Himalayan Cherry trees blossoming from January to February, particularly at Banphotwittaya School which is only 1.5 km away. You will see the school which can be said that has the most beautiful scenery in Thailand.
Where> Pha Tang Royal Development Project is located in Amphoe Wiang Kaen, about 110 kilometers
from downtown Chiang Rai.
Huay Pong Royal Development Project is located in the hill tribe district of Black Muser. They will hold a Black Muser’s New Year in February which is a fun and pleasant celebration. Not far from there is the beautiful Doi Kha Luang which has breathtaking views and a beautiful sea fog. The climate here is cool and suitable for growing various crops, winter fruits and other produce, such as Japanese cucumbers, rosemary, parsley, oregano, red beans, as well as calla lily flowers. However, the fruit which makes the most profit for the farm here is a passion fruit.
Where>Huay Pong Royal Development Project is located in Wiang Pa Pao District, about 68 kilometers from downtown Chiang Rai.
Sa-Ngo Royal Development Project, established by King Rama IX, is famous for its yellow fields of the chrysanthemum flowers which are beautifully bloomed from November to December and chamomile flowers which are blossomed in January. Besides chrysanthemums, there are also plots, fruit trees, flowering plants, and the Akha hill tribe museum. Doi Sa-Ngo is also a great spot for viewing the sea fog and the scenery of Laos and Mekong River. Before leaving, do not forget to buy the chrysanthemum flowers back home to make a drink.
Where>Sa-Gno Royal Development Project is located in Chiang Saen District, bout 70 kilometers from downtown Chiang Rai.
In addition to the Royal Development Projects you visit in this trip, Chiang Rai still has many other interesting Royal Development Projects to explore if you have time. Seeing the outcomes of development of the Royal Development Projects, you will know how much Thai people are grateful to the wills of Her Royal Highness the late Princess Mother, Princess Srinagarindra , His Majesty King Rama IX, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and the Royal Family.

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