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Night time in the City
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  • 19 พฤษภาคม 2018
  • การท่องเที่ยว , อาหาร/เครื่องดื่ม

As one of the leading cities in Thailand, Chiang Rai is a province which has everything for everyone. Despite the city’s advancement, Chiang Rai is still known as a smart city that preserves the local tradition. It is getting dark now. If you want to know the lifestyle of the Chiang Rai people at night, come with us.
Starting with Khantoke  
"Khantoke" is a tradition of Lanna people. The food is served in “Khantoke”, a pedestal tray used as a small dining table by the Lanna people. It is a culture of welcoming visitors. Some of them may have a Lanna show for their guests. For a Khantoke style restaurant In Chiang Rai, "Saban Nga Khan Tok Restaurant" in the city of Chiang Rai is recommended. You will enjoy Khantoke, Lanna dance, as well as northern Thai traditional music. The show starts on time, so it is highly recommended to book the dinner in advance and arrive on time. For lunch, buffet of a northern Thai food is also available.
Listening to Beautiful Music
"Suk Saran the Retro" in downtown Chiang Rai is a good option for a pub lover since it offers a live music with good singers in a casual atmosphere. For people who like to dance, "Par Club" is an intimate bar in the city that is not to be missed, especially people who like EDM. Next to the bank of Kok River, "Leelavadee” is a restaurant where you can relax and listen to music with a view of the river and cool breeze. There are Thai food menu items for people who are not good at local dishes. Anyone who wants to have a waterfront seating is recommended to book it in advance.
Getting rid of a Night Hunger
No matter what city you travel to, there will be delicious food for a night hunger. In Chiang Rai, if you are hungry at night, head to the clock tower where a variety of food is available until nine. Or it is later than that, you may go to the King Meng Rai intersection where delicious dishes are sold on both side of the roads, such as egg noodle soup with crab dumplings and red roasted pork, fried mussels, Hainanese chicken rice, fried noodles with pork and kale soaked in gravy, Pad See Ew, Pad Thai, dried noodles, rice soup, pink seafood flat noodles, coconut milk ice cream, etc.
Like other big cities, the night in Chiang Rai is long and you can go out and taste the food. Your trip to Chiang Rai will be full of flavors, the beauty of nature during the day, and the colors of the night. You will have fun, good impression and fullness for 24 hours.

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