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Let’s Go Green!
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  • 25 กุมภาพันธ์ 2018
  • การท่องเที่ยว

Ecotourism which supports nature conservation and encourages local people to have a better quality of life has become a new travel trend all over the world, including Chiang Rai. Just think of what will happen to Chiangrai, the world's famous province where more than three million Thai and foreign tourists come to visit each year (Based on the information from the National Bureau of Statistics) if we do not promote the conservation of nature, environment and traditional way of life. Certainly, the beautiful culture and resources of Chiang Rai will be depleted in the future. So, let’s see the trend of sustainable tourism in Chiang Rai.
"Pang Ha Village Homestay" in Mae Sai offers a homestay accommodation which allows visitors to see the lifestyle of the villagers whether it is a Burmese knife making, a production of traditional candles, or organic vegetables and fruits. The surrounding area also maintains its simplicity of the area connected to Laos and Myanmar. Guests will enjoy the traditional Khantoke dinner prepared in a clean, economical room with fresh fruits from the garden, all of which contribute to each household's income. Not far away is the location of the mulberry paper plant where you can practice making mulberry paper. There is also a Tai Lue restaurant with good taste foods. Your trip at Pang Ha Homestay not only helps you see but also sustains the real culture and living of local people.
Anyone who likes to hike or get close to nature may try a local guide service that gives you access to nature and see how native life really looks. Although this service seems to be offered only for foreign tourists, it becomes more popular among Thai people nowadays. If you come with a group, the price will be more affordable, and "Lanna Trek" is the option we recommend. The tour programs are varied ranging from a 1- day or a 3-day and 2- night trekking tour program to a trekking tour program with a campfire activity. The local guides who know their places inside out will share interesting information about the places the tourists are visiting. Tourists who choose to stay overnight will enjoy the local hill tribe foods and experience the culture of the hill tribes in Chiang Rai, where you can also avoid crowds of tourists. This choice confirms how we can really support the locals as well.
For anyone who likes to stay in the surroundings with tourist attractions, go to "Akha Hill House" at Ban Pong Nam Ron, Doi Hang District, which is looked after by the Akha people themselves. Here, the guests will stay in simple rooms in bungalows in the middle of the forest surrounded by nature, without noise from cars or group tours. Nearby, there are hill tribe villages, rice fields, waterfalls, hot springs, elephants, and nature trails.
Every trip is precious if it is a journey which helps save resources, conserve nature, and sustain the lifestyle of the locals. It can be said that you all support the sustainability of the place you really like ... "Chiang Rai".

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