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Day Trip to Doi Mae Salong
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  • 20 มกราคม 2018
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Visiting Chiang Rai but not going to the mountain, it is like you do not really reach your destination. If you do not have much time, which mountain can be your option? Surprisingly, there is a mountain that can be reached by driving in just a few hours. "Doi Mae Salong" is the answer for this short trip. With a distance of only 60 km, the views of beautiful nature and tea plantations on Doi Mae Salong are worth seeing.
At an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea level, Doi Mae Salong has fresh air throughout the year. The mountain still keeps its original atmosphere. The tea plantations here are environmentally friendly grown. The community on the mountain is also diverse. You can see the Chinese, Thais, and hill tribes living together peacefully. In early morning, fog may occur in any season of the year. During the day, you can see the beautiful vast valleys. At dusk, lives in a small town on the mountain are peaceful without loud music played like in some tourist towns. This is one of many reasons why many people fall in love with Doi Mae Salong.
In the late morning when it is not too hot and sunny, you may start with the tea plantations, tasting different kinds of tea and watching a demonstration of how tea leaves are processed. Some tea plantations may offer cool drinks and desserts which use green tea as their ingredients. You can also walk around the fields and taking some photos with spectacular scenery there. We recommend visiting Tea Plantation 101 on Doi Mae Salong or Choui Fong Tea Plantation at the entrance of the road to Doi Mae Salong.
Time flies and here comes a midday when it is a time for lunch. On Doi Mae Salong, you can have tasty Yunnan food, including Pork Leg Stew with Mantou, Tea Leaf Salad, Stir- fried Shiitake Mushrooms with Soy Sauce, Tea Leaf Roast Duck, and Pork Leg in Brown Sauce. In particular in a rainy day, it can be a good experience you will never forget when your cold hand touch with warm Mantou you are eating. After having lunch, shopping for souvenirs is a great way to relax. There are many shops at the front of the giant milestone of Doi Mae Slong.
After doing some shopping, you can try coffee and yummy cakes at “Sweet Mae Salong”, a shop surrounded by beautiful valleys. It is well-known for its pastries, especially a croissant which is perhaps one of the most delicious in Chiang Rai. In the afternoon, if you still have time, you may visit the Manomai Garden before getting back home.
A one day-trip on Doi Mae Salong is possible and can be full of impression. If you have an opportunity to visit here again, try to spend 1-2 nights on a mountain and live a slow life. Definitely, you will fall in love with this small mountain.
Good to Know!
Travelling from downtown Chiang Rai to Doi Mae Salong by car takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Driving up Doi Mae Salong does not require an off-road car; with a normal car, you can go up easily. Most of the roads are good.
Sweet Mae Salong may be closed on some days. Please call 0 8185 54000, 053 765067 for more information.
You should not bargain the price if you are not interested to buy that thing.

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