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Chiang Rai for Kids
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  • 15 เมษายน 2018
  • การท่องเที่ยว , อาหาร/เครื่องดื่ม

Where should you go for a trip in Chiang Rai if you come with your children? In fact, Chiang Rai has many attractions that children can go without dangers, and the adults will also have fun. Let's see where you can go with your kids!
When arriving in Chiang Rai, because of your children, it will be better to get something for them to eat before going on a trip. Go to the shop “Sala Pao Ai Un” near the clock tower. The steamed buns here are soft with different kinds of fillings that children will love to eat, for example, chocolate cream, grilled chicken with Japanese sauce, orange cream, etc. After having some warm steamed buns, hit the road to "Pa Tung Hot Spring” in Mae Chan District. The children will visit the hot springs and try boiling and tasting boiled eggs by themselves while adults can enjoy the foot bath in the hot spring surrounded by a wide lawn where children can also have fun. In the afternoon, after lunch, have some yummy snacks at "Melt in Your Mouth" which offers delicious desserts that will appeal to children like cheesecake, crepe cake and waffle ice cream. This restaurant is also beautifully well-decorated. So, do not forget to take pictures.
The next day, get up early and go to "Singha Park", another destination in Chiang Rai where everyone in the family will enjoy. There is a tram that will take you and your family to tour around the park. Buy a ticket and get on the tram! The tram will stop at each point of interest. First, you will stop at the fields of flowers. Secondly, the children’s favorite spot where they can see and buy vegetables to feed giraffes and zebras. Your last stop will be the tea plantations. If you are hungry, then you can visit Phu Pirom Restaurant where you can have various delicious dishes.
If there is still time in Chiang Rai, “Doi Tung” is another destination that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You may begin your trip with "Wat Phra That Doi Tung" on Doi Tung. Family members will have such a good time together walking up the Naga stairs to the temple. The temple is peaceful with beautiful Obosot (the ordination hall) and a golden pagoda in which Buddha’s relics is enshrined. After taking a rest, you may walk to the scenic spot on Sala Tham to see the panoramic views of valleys and a sea fog. Besides the temple, "Doi Tung Palace", surrounded by beautiful landscapes, is another place worth visiting. The best part is the old royal palace of the King Rama IX’s mother, which combines the style of the Swiss cottage with Lanna art. If you like flowers, you should not miss "Mae Fah Luang Garden" in front of the palace, which is full of flowers and beautiful plants that are rare to see anywhere.
This trip will remind you that Chiang Rai can be a great place to visit for everyone in the family.

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