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Chiang Rai’s Memorable River Cruises
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  • 18 กุมภาพันธ์ 2018
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Like the Ping River in Chiang Mai or the Chao Phraya River which flows through many provinces in Thailand, The Kok River is a major river in Chiang Rai . Thus, a boat trip along this important river is a good chance to get a closer look at Chiang Rai's life and nature. You can take a daily public boat ride or you can rent a private boat if you come with a group.
Getting on a long-tail boat at 10.30 am, you will experience Chiang Rai along the scenic river upstream. The breathtaking scenery along the river is so refreshing with green fields as well as some cliffs and mountains covering with fog. The travel time depends on the tide and destinations. The Chiang Rai - Tha Ton (Chiang Mai) route that has been around for a long time does not only helps promote tourism but also serves to link relationships between people living in towns along the way.
The Chiang Rai - Tha Ton long-tail boat will take you through various points of interest, such as Ruammit Village, the Karen elephant village, the hill tribe market, restaurants, and the nature trail leading to Lahu and Akha villages. Homestay is also an option for tourists who want to stay the night or you can ride an elephant to visit Huai Mae Sai Waterfall. If you are lucky, you may see the elephants taking a bath at the river bank. The other next destinations are the hot spring, Hadyao (a Muser village) and you will arrive in Tha Ton in the late afternoon. During the trip, you will see a lot of beautiful nature, romantic atmosphere, splashes of cool water, friendship of the people along the way, the fog floating over the water, and the scenery of dense green forests on the waterfront. In addition to this boat trip along the Kok River, there is also a dinner cruise available with foods served by the city restaurants. For someone who has limited time, this option is another great choice.
Good to Know!
The CR Pier is located at the foot of Mae Fa Luang Bridge in Mueang District. Phone Number: 053-750009
For travelers who come with a group (6 persons), they can rent a private long-tail boat so they can make their trip more flexible.
The Kok River boat trip is available throughout the year, except during the dry season when water levels get too low, or in rainy season when heavy rains may make the trip dangerous. 
Even though long-tail boats have roofs, female travelers should wear sunscreen and carry sunglasses.
The dinner cruise we recommend is @Waterside under the Chalerm Phrakiat Bridge.

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