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All About Tea
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  • 24 กุมภาพันธ์ 2018
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Since it is a province famous as a source of tea plantations, how can tea lovers miss the tea plantation tours in Chiang Rai?  In this trip, you will take a tour of two tea plantations. Whichever one you like, do not forget to mark it as your next check-in place.
Choui Fong Tea Plantation
If you arrive at Chui Fong Tea Plantation early in the morning, you can see the tea leaves hand- picked by the workers. The scenes of green-colored tea trees growing in rows along the hill and the workers who collect the tea leaves at different spots in the plantation look amazing. Also, the workers will kindly teach you a simple technique for choosing the tea leaves; just look for the soft leaves to be picked. The highlight of the tea plantation is not only a farm that tea plants have been grown for 40 years, but also a place that offers foods, drinks, and bakeries using the tea leaves here as main ingredients, e.g., Green Tea Frappe, Green Tea Rolls, Green Tea Cakes, Banoffee Green Tea Pies, and Green Tea Macarons. Or for those who are very hungry, we recommend this ... “Green Tea Mantou” (Chinese Steamed Buns), a special menu that cannot be found anywhere else. Needless to say, the café here smells really "sweet" because it is full of foods, desserts, and drinks. After visiting the café, go see the demonstration of making a perfect cup of different kinds of tea and try them. The staff are very knowledgeable about the tea farm and tea leaves. They also are proficient tea makers. People who are at the tea demonstration have the opportunity to taste about 2 to 3 kinds of tea. A good cup of hot tea in the evening on a cold day makes this tea trip even more satisfying.
Tea Plantation 101
This is another well-known tea plantation in Chiang Rai, which is guaranteed by several awards from both domestic and international tea festivals. The 101 Tea Plantation is located on Doi Mae Salong with its endless fields of tea plants. The rows of the tea trees grown here are very neat and clean. If you arrive early, you will see the villagers on the hill carrying the large baskets of tea leaves under the sun. Tea of ​​the Tea 101 Plantation is Oolong No.12 and Assam Tea. Visitors always buy good tea from here back home and as souvenirs. You can visit Chiang Rai and the 101 Tea Plantation all year round, but if you visit it during the cold season from December to January, you will be able to experience something special like the Wild Himalayan Cherry flowers that are blossoming at that time. You will also have an opportunity to taste and buy "Dew Tea", a special tea which is available only in the cold season.
Good to Know!
Choui Fong Tea Plantation is located at Mae Chan District, which is approximately 40 kilometers from downtown Chiang Rai and near the road to Doi Mae Salong. Therefore, you can easily travel to Doi Mae Salong, particularly if the next destination is the Tea Plantation 101.
Whoever already visited the Tea Plantation 101 should come back again since the 101 Tea Plantation now provides resorts for visitors who want to stay overnight. Moreover, organic tea products are now available as an alternative for healthy tea lovers.

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