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New Year's Eve (Songkran Festival)
  • Wiang
  • April 13, 2019 - April 16, 2019
  • Tradition

New Year’s Eve festival is a Lanna tradition which coincides with the month of April, during the summer, which is regarded as the hottest time of the year. It is also regarded as a free time for farmers since they will not have to cultivate or harvest rice. Therefore, New Year’s Day is one of the biggest annual merit-making days. It is an enjoyable day, where we can enjoy playing with the cool Songkran water, splashing it at each other. Chiang Rai’s New Year’s Eve will be celebrated during 13 – 16 of April. The main streets of Chiang Rai will be decorated with Tung and lanterns, which help create an atmospheric vibe of Lanna all over Chiang Rai. In addition, Thanalai street will transform into an area where people can enjoy splashing water to cool down in the hot weather. There are even more New Year's activities expressing good fortune that follow the generations old Lanna traditions. These activities include parades, sprinkling water on images of the Buddha, carrying sand into the temple, sprinkling water on King Meng Rai, and pouring water on the hands and feet of the elderly within each community. The purpose of these activities is to show respect and preserve the beautiful traditions for future generations. Come and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Lanna and the refreshing sprinkles of water throughout the festival.

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